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Incident Response Plan

A cyber incident response plan template for you to pick up and tailor to your organisation.


Cyber security incidents can be high-pressure situations with serious consequences for both businesses and people alike. That stress can compromise decision making (especially when tired!) and a good cyber incident response plan helps organisations to get their response right.

This free incident response plan template is built around an ‘OODA loop’ where feedback from an observe, orientate, decide, act cycle helps you to remain agile and adjust to unfolding situations.

We also encourage you to use the analysis of competing hypotheses, an intelligence technique, to help keep things objective and rational while emotions are heightened.

You’ll need to spend some time on…

  • Who your key contacts are, and who deputises for them
  • Tailoring the severity levels and escalation criteria
  • Choosing the categories that you’ll assign to incidents

Those things will be unique to your organisation and where you should invest your time. The underlying process is complete and ready to go.

It even includes incident response checklist for each step so you can make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything.

Other formats

As well as the repository on GitHub, there are also a copy available on Google Docs and a PDF version available.

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